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Our Services
At PrintWorks, we deliver more than Print.

While our clients have traditionally benefited from our targeted print solutions, we now offer a full breadth of integrated services, from creative to editorial, from print to finishing, and delivering across Print and Web. 
  1. Create
    Visually rich, attention grabbing and purposefully focused - our design team is dedicated to producing out-of-the-ordinary graphics and designs while paying attention to all-important deadlines and budgets. Concept and Design Photography & Illustration Digital Imaging
  2. Articulate
    A picture paints 1,000 words. But when you simply must have those 1,000 words, let us take them right out of your mouth. We cater to editorial, copywriting and copyediting services to support the organisation’s communications needs. Editorial Copywriting & copyediting Proofreading Language localisation
  3. Target
    The success of an organisation’s communications lies with the ability to reach the recipients with the most relevant message. PrintWorks offers a suite of data services to fine tune the accuracy and ‘hygiene’ of the data information in reaching specific group of users. Data enhancement – segmenting and profiling Data hygiene – merge, purge and de-duplicate Address cleansing – address and postal code standardisation Data capture – from paper to electronic media
  4. Prints
    PrintWorks offers a spectrum of solutions to meet the varied needs of our customers. Whether you are intending the prints for the masses or targeting the individual, whether you have the luxury of time or the urgency of same-day delivery, and whether these are bulk quantities or one-of-a-kind customised print item, PrintWorks is able to address these needs. Our clients rely on us to recommend the best combination of print technologies to deliver quality results that meet their budget and timeline. Traditional offset print Digital print-on-demand Transactional data print Targeted personalised print Customised print
  5. Binding
    Judge a book by its cover. Or by its binding. At PrintWorks, we provide a variety of book binding options to show case your book. Perfect Bind Limp Bind Saddle-stitch Wire-o Bind Spiral-coil Bind Plastic comb Bind Hard Case Bind Thread Sew
  6. Finishing
    The job is not complete until it’s finished. As cliché as this may sound, we accord strict attention to the finishing, presentation and packaging of this last-but-not-least stage of the production. Regardless of the job complexity and finishing requirements, we maintain a consistent process to ensure a single point of control and accountability. Be it 1 or 100,000, you can be assured of a great finishing. Print Finishing Book Binding Customised handwork Lettershopping and fulfilment